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P.T. Macias New Release!

Wolf's Mate
Wolff Dynasty

Ice is the FBI Director and his story is amazing!! Yep, he howls!!
He falls for Ms. Bryant who is a widow! 
She has grown daughters and oh yeah, the youngest 
daughter story is part of the Razer 8 - Redfox!
Omg, you'll love their story! An older women 
(that's what she thinks) and a younger hunk!

Check it out!!
Irene is dazed, unaware of Mayor Owens’ approach or of Ice standing close by. She stares out into the ocean buried in her memories.

Mayor Owens draws near her and stops next to her. “Irene, I’m here to offer you my support.” He nods and takes a seat next to her.

Irene, startled, looks over at him and moves away from him. She scoots down the bench a little. She takes her hair in her hands and pulls it back, straightening her back.

“Hi Mayor Owens, that’s very kind of you but I’m sure I’ll be able to handle my affairs on my
own.” She nods and looks at him a little wary.

I’ve always felt an intense evil feeling when he is near. Yeah, he was close to Rex and that means he must be the same. Hell I wouldn’t doubt it.

“Irene I only want to provide you some comfort and support,” replies Mayor Owens, scooting closer. “I don’t want you to suffer any more than you need to. I’m furious at Bryant’s behavior and how he hurt you.”

Irene glances over at him, she bites the inside of her mouth to control the scream that’s building up deep inside her soul. I can’t stand you. She closes her eyes and turns her face slightly to the right. I can’t allow him to see my true feelings.
He reaches for her hand and takes advantage of her closed eyes. He brings her hand up to his lips to kiss it.

Irene is disconcerted and opens her huge sapphire eyes as soon as she feels his grasp. She quickly removes her hand out of his. She stands up urgently and turns away from him. She moves a lock of hair behind her ear with shaking hands.

“I don’t need your help nor your support, and I don’t want you in my life.” She trembles from the intense revulsion and fear she feels for him. Her face is white, her normally shivers, she wraps her arms around herself for some warmth. I should’ve brought soft pink complexion is now completely gone, and her lower lip trembles. She my sweater but the day looks warm and inviting.

Ice angrily grips the tree as he observes them. That asshole is stressing her out. It looks like she doesn’t want him near her. What is he thinking? Who the hell is he? 

Mayor Owens stands, walks to her. He reaches out with his right hand to touch her arm. “Irene allow me to help you deal with your loss.” 

Irene turns quickly, she pulls her arm away from his hand. She glares at him with anger. “I don’t want to be a bitch but I have no choice. I’m not interested in your help, I don’t want you near me, I don’t want your support, and I don’t want you.” 

She pushes her hair back, angrily. She continues to glare at Mayor Owens. 

“Irene I’ve always found you attractive and I want to get to know you better,” replies Mayor Owens, taking a step towards her.

“You’re really something else. You’re married and what are you offering me? You want me to be your current plaything. I’m not cut out for that.” Irene shakes and glares at him angrily. 

“Irene we’re adults and it wouldn’t hurt anyone.” Mayor Owens reaches out to take her hand. 

Irene pulls her hand and moves away. She turns her back, and faces the ocean. I can’t believe this bastard. The nerve, he’s asking me to be his new mistress, yeah right. I always felt his dark desires when he looked at me. He always made me feel dirty. 

Mayor Owens clenches his hand, frustrated. I have to force her to be mine. I only want a little for just a while. What’s the harm and Bryant owes me. He took his life before he paid me my share of that sweet dirty little business. Nobody knows that I’m involved. 

He grabs her from the waist and turns her around. He forcefully kisses her. 

Irene pushes against his shoulders. OMG, he’s forcing his kiss on me. I don’t like his kiss or his touch. I need to get away from him. 

What the fuck! That bastard is forcing himself on her. Ice clenches his jaw tight, his jaw muscles flex and he pushes away from the tree. I need to stop him. 

Without further thought, Ice storms over to Irene and Mayor Owens. He pulls her out of his grasp and he glares at him. “What the fuck are you doing with my woman!” Ice yells at him furiously. 

Irene glares at Mayor Owens and then looks up at Ice. She blinks several times. Omg where did he come from? His woman? Wow he’s absolutely gorgeous. 

“Honey are you okay?”
Ice, glances down at Irene. He gives her a huge smile full warmth. His beautiful light blue eyes sparkle with amusement. 

Irene blinks, smiles up at him, and nods. “Yes Love, I’m ok. Why did you get here late? I’ve been waiting for you.” Irene smiles up at Ice.

Oh wow, he’s gorgeous and totally a huge hunk. I love his soft pale blue eyes. Yeah, he reminds me of a blond Viking. 

“Honey, things came up at the office, you know how it is but I’m here now and I’m not leaving.” Ice
nods, and he pulls her close to his side, unconsciously.

He leans down to kiss her. He slowly tastes her lips, enjoying the texture and taste before moving inside to explore. His body explodes into a burning fiery need running rapid through his veins. Hell she’s my mate. 

The kiss lasts about a minute but it was a minute full of insane rapture. He pulls back grinning down at her. Hell yes, she’s mine, and I feel her soul seared into mine. Damn, a human mate. I don’t give a damn that she’s human. 

“What the fuck! Irene you’re having an affair and you act all innocent with me. Damn you! You had me fooled and also poor Rex,” yells Mayor Owens. 

“It’s not any of your business.” She moves closer into Ice’s warmth and support. Yes, I feel like I’m coming home. 

Mayor Owens glares at them, frustrated, and angry. “I need you to answer one question. Did Rex tell you about our business?” asks Mayor Owens. 

Irene blinks, and glares at him. What does he mean? Is he also part of that dirty little business? Is he afraid of being exposed? He thinks I know. Oh wow, that’s a powerful card I have on him. I can keep him away from me. She nods, and smiles. 
“Answer me Irene!” yells Mayor Owens. He takes a step towards her, ignoring Ice.
The FBI Director seeks intel and discovers more than he counted on. His mate is in trouble and time is running out. The mature widow is oblivious to what she has in her hands. The tall handsome stranger awakens her insecurities, and liberate her passions. passions and love. She's forced to make life changing decisions, forget her

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