Monday, May 19, 2014

Lightning, Razer 8 by P.T. Macias New Release!

Lightning, Razer 8 

Lightning’s covert mission throws him into the arms of his mate and launches them into blazing-hot mating instincts.

Lovely sweet young doctor Angelique is forced to be deceitful to save her beloved father’s life. However, she takes this opportunity to enjoy a much needed vacation. Her plans don’t include falling in love.

Razer 8 duty calls him away from his love. Will their love survive the obstacles in front of him?

Excerpt- Adult Content

Omg! This is Brandon Davis and he’s my mate. Oh wow, I hope he can’t read me. I have to read him. Wow, he’s my mate and I can’t think straight. I’ll read him later because my body is aching for him. I need him to love me. Geeze, I thought the hormone pill would work like the other one, but it didn’t. It’s great that it didn’t because Brandon was able to smell my scent. I hope I’m not transmitting this. I’m not sure how it works.

I’ll be damned! My mate is the beautiful woman that I’ve been reacting to. This mating phase is real, and DAMN, but it’s strong! I reacted to her before I even smelled her scent. Now I understand Thunder’s reaction yesterday. This is painful. Hell! I can’t wait to love her, transmits Lightning. He’s not aware that he’s transmitting.

Angelique's eyes widen. Delighted, she grins up into his beautiful face.

Wow, I can hear you. This is amazing and unreal. Yes, yes! You’re my mate. I want some. I want you. I need you! transmits Angelique, trembling.

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