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Ghost, Razer 8 By P.T. Macias Sweet Excerpt

Razer 8 takes you into the world of organized crime, kidnapping, politics, military romance and suspense thriller. Razer 8 Delta Force operatives are full of passion. Enjoy these amazing passionate men, a thrilling ride of suspense, and a dash of love.

Ghost, Razer 8 

Excerpt -

Loco walks into the kitchen wearing shorts. He has the towel in his hands, rubbing his hair dry. He glares at Nathan. “Well?” asks Loco.

“What?” replies Nathan, with a slow soft drawl. He stares at Loco.

“It’s incredible,” replies Loco.

“What is?” asks Nathan. I’m curious as to what he means.

“She left with you. She appears to be a nice traditional Mexican girl and they usually don’t give it up,” replies Loco.

Damn, I can see all of the love bites and I know Nathan. He’s not going to say no to such a beauty. I don’t think I blame him. Who would?

“I don’t have anything to say,” whispers Nathan. He grinds his jaw and controls his anger. Hell no! I’m not going to discuss Andréa with Loco. It doesn’t matter that he’s my brother, he thinks.

“Really? Well, you best get ready for her Papa and any brothers. They’ll come after you armed with guns,” says Loco, grinning. “She also looks young.”

“Well, she’s not, she’s 21,” replies Nathan, softly. He closes his eyes half way, observing Loco’s amusement. “I’m not going to say more.”

“Damn, Ghost, you’re acting strange,” says Loco, “You really like her?”

“Immensely,” drawls Nathan, slowly smiling. He’s eyes sparkle with pleasure. Oh yeah, my entire being loves Andréa.

“You know we don’t have time for a woman. We’ll be leaving in a few days. We don’t usually have this amount of time off. I hope you’re not going to play with her,” says Loco. I can’t stand seeing a sweet young girl hurt, he thinks. 

“No worries,” whispers Nathan, closing his eyes. Oh yeah, I’m going to continue seeing my sweet darlin. No one is going to stop me, muses Nathan.
He opens his eyes and looks at his watch. “I’m going to pick her up in a couple hours. Do you want to go eat?” asks Nathan. He watches Loco chuckle.

“Wow, she has you ‘wrapped around her little finger’ as you Southerners say,” says Loco, grinning. He’s deeply amused and chuckles. “So like they say in the south, you’re pussy whipped?”

“Loco, you’re such an ass! I’m not sayin anything,” whispers Nathan, blushing.
His southern accent becomes more evident with his annoyance. Oh yeah, you can say that I am. I’m not admitting to it. Hell yes, she has me wrapped around her finger all the time. Yeah, she has me pussy whipped and it’s a delicious obsession. This amazing obsession is only mine. No one has ever tasted my obsession. She’s bonded my soul and she’s etched into my heart, thinks Nathan. He slowly grins with pleasure. Wow, I’m so hard and aching for her. This is unreal.

“Hell, Ghost, you’re so pussy whipped. You’re hooked,” says Loco, shaking his head. He grabs some coffee cups and pours hot steamy coffee. “This coffee smells great. Yeah, I’m starving. Let’s get some food. Do you want to go to the movies? Oh yeah, you have to pick her up.”

“Loco, don’t be a jerk. We can go to the movies but I’m taking her. She’s going to stay with me until we go back,” whispers Nathan. He takes a sip of his coffee. He looks up at Loco. “What?”

“How is she going to manage that? You really want to die? Hell, Ghost, you’re asking for trouble,” replies Loco. He shakes his head. “This is crazy.”


Loved this story! It was great on the edge of your seat reading!
It’s Hot and sexy....Loved Ghost or Nathan if you prefer....I don't tell spoilers. But Believe me you will love this story...Buy it! Read it! love it!
Thank you PT Macias For another Hot Delta Force Man!
UK -

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